The Rise of Ash'koloz

Our first day in Domtaria

Our first day in Domtaria has been anything but boring. The town seemed like any other normal town to me. The citizen were a most sinful type of people. Everywhere there were people on the streets instead of in the cathedral. And they didnt even seem to praise the almighty Pelor. I know that not every town can be a godly as the great monastery of Tannis, yet I always hope that there will be some evidence that my God has reached the citizens of whatever town I happen to be residing in.

Like most of the towns I have visited in my short life, there was in rodent infestation. And not just mere rats and bats, but xivorts were heard to be wandering the halls of the cathedral. From all that we could discern from a young human girl named Marge the xivorts had been there for a while.

Oh well, I guess all that we can do is check it out and brave the darkness to clear out some rodent trash.
Life for Pelor


Prologue: Session 1

The party arrived in Domtaria. A group of people were gathered by the town posting board. As the adventurers approach, they are greeted by Xavier, the town mayor. He hired the party to venture into the now defunct Domtarian Catacombs of the town and clear out a xivort problem they have been having. In return, he offered the party 30 gold for each xivort head they returned.

In their conversation with Xavier, they learned of a young girl, Marge. While playing at a childhood game, where a group of children see who is willing to venture the furthest into the dark catacombs, she had seen a group of the monsters, and fled in fear. Since then the town has closed and barred the entrance to the catacombs.

The party decided to speak with Marge to see what they could learn. They were greeted at her door by Marge’s father, who didn’t want to further scare her daughter by a group of armor clad strangers asking her about frightening monsters. Although a few of the group had strong desires to beat, intimidate, or otherwise coerce the father into letting them speak to his daughter (Scipio, E.K. ……), reason prevailed. Tsosie was elected to speak with the daughter and the father allowed him to speak with her at their door step.

Tsosie learned that she had not seen the monsters themselves, only numerous pairs of glowing eyes in the dark.

The party decided it was time to venture into the Domtarian Catacombs. Upon reaching the hill the met two men, with makeshift gear guarding the entrance to the catacombs. They seemed relieved that the adventures had come to solve the problem. While a bit nervous about re-opening the doors if the adventurers returned after dark, they agreed that they would re-open only after a series of three knocks followed by two, and only if the adventurers returned alone.

Upon entering the Domtarian Catacombs, the party met with a strong stench of death. There was a wall of human skulls and bones, presumably gathered from deeper within the catacombs, as a poor attempt to keep intruders out. The daylight spills in and awakens the pests that have called the catacombs their home. (Encounter one: 5 rat minions, 5 bat minions. Rewards: 250 XP).

After eliminating the pests, and a good bathing of blood by Scipio, the adventurers move on. They stumble upon a room with a few sleeping creatures, they recognize as the xivorts they have come to hunt. After a ferocious battle, with Glaven throwing everything he could grab is hands on, including a 15 foot table, the party rests a moment, while Tsosie cleanly severs the heads of the Xivorts. (Encounter two: 2 Xivort Slashers, 2 Xivort Darters. Rewards: 400 XP).

Having reached a dead end the party returns down the hallway to find a sprung pit trap with the trigger switch on the wrong side of the pit. Timerius of the Bunny Dwellers mutters a few simple incantations, and Scipio leaps the entire length of the hallway to the switch. Upon resetting the trap (and making sure it doesn’t trigger again), the century old machinery makes incredibly loud noises which echo down the hallway. Scipio tries to stealthily peak around the corner (CRIT FAIL!) and falls flat on his face. More of the creatures come around the corner and the party is victorious. (Encounter three: 2 Xivort Net Casters, 1 Xivort Slasher, 1 Xivort Darter. Rewards: 400 XP).



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