The Rise of Ash'koloz

Our first day in Domtaria

Our first day in Domtaria has been anything but boring. The town seemed like any other normal town to me. The citizen were a most sinful type of people. Everywhere there were people on the streets instead of in the cathedral. And they didnt even seem to praise the almighty Pelor. I know that not every town can be a godly as the great monastery of Tannis, yet I always hope that there will be some evidence that my God has reached the citizens of whatever town I happen to be residing in.

Like most of the towns I have visited in my short life, there was in rodent infestation. And not just mere rats and bats, but xivorts were heard to be wandering the halls of the cathedral. From all that we could discern from a young human girl named Marge the xivorts had been there for a while.

Oh well, I guess all that we can do is check it out and brave the darkness to clear out some rodent trash.
Life for Pelor




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